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“Why should I have a business law expert on retainer? After all, I’m not Google.” That’s a fair question, and the answer may surprise you. You and Google have more in common than you may think.In the operation of your business, you encounter many of the same legal questions and problems as does Google. And while they might not involve millions of dollars, a mistake can have as great an adverse effect on your business as a multi-million dollar mistake would have on Google.

The way to avoid costly mistakes is to have a lawyer who knows your business always available by telephone or e-mail to answer your questions before you take action. In representing our business clients, we at Saunders & Brown, PLC are committed to the concept of preventative law—solving potential problems before they become actual (and much more expensive) problems. You can be assured that our advice is “up-to-the-minute current”.

In addition to Operational Service, we offer these specific services: